Xiao Qiao Fans pt. 3 — Joys of painting

As a continuation to the Fans…
I present to you… golden flowers!! Okay.. this is just the cardboard xD Just painted it over with the gold paint as the backdrop for the flowers~


So I painted the flowers individually. At first it was a bit hard because I couldn’t figure out which colors I wanted to use xD I ended up trying to do a whole gradient of flowers. Soo.. the pale pink you see is me trying to pro and mix colors together xD I think it worked? ^^;;

With the picture above I also trimmed the outside with gold. I think it makes the look… iono… I can’t find the word. Complete-er? xD
Which it was brought to my attention AFTER I finished them that I should’ve done a gradient on the flowers so they wouldn’t look so.. FLAT. But oh well… If I ever decide to redo them (ha!) then I’ll do that. But I guess its a good tip for next time~


Ah you can see my Laptop in the picture too xD In order for me to be somewhat entertained while doing this all I was watching videos online!! (Yaaay videos x3)

Then I finished! I HAD to add the little gold thing in the middle of the leaf~ Makes it look cute huh?
I attached this all by.. regular school glue. Maybe not the smartest idea if I become too rough with the fan >.< But hopefully it’ll stick. Ideally.. I wanted to use hot glue. But I needed extra room just in case something went wrong. Then I could just rip it off easily since its just school glue. Cause hot gllue.. is not the easiest to redo.

It turned out decent overall. I’m looking forward to what it’ll bring to the whole fan. I didn’t spring for making the fans have those huge flower piece on both sides. I’m hoping the little ones in the corner will do for the side that is not being seen in pictures. So yes.. I took a small shortcut =P I’m down on time!

But these fans are starting to look like something ^-^

Overall painting? 10 hours+ for sures. Now was I painting for that whole time? Probably not =P


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