Xiao Qiao Corset pt. 1

I totally like… made things so much more confusing for me when I decided to put pt. 1 and pt.2s and what not…

Anyhow! Onto the main thing I’m talking about. THe corset of Xiao Qiao’s. This took a awhile to get right…

This is the base of it with.. as you can kinda see.. a gold streak going down in the middle. At first I made this corset-type thing to open in the front… but then ooking at the picture again I decided.. hey.. why not make things harder to put on and connect it in the back. Therefore.. it is now connected by hook & eyes. About… 5 of them.. maybe more if I get fatter =P

I also have some boning in there on the sides to make the corset look a little bit more curvyyyy~ Hopefully it works.. but if not? It at least holds the shape up.

Then the painting~ The black is fabric marker.. and the gold is the same gold I’ve been using throughout this whole process…
I wish the gold looked different but… I want to keep the same color for everything or else it throws the whole outfit off >.<


The painting continues as… I tried my best to free hand it.(I did finish the painting.. it’s just I don’t have a picture of it yet xD

I still have yet to finish making all t e chinese flower knots for the middle of the corset… they are hard!!!
For every 5 I do.. I only like 1. So I do the other 4 over again.. and again.. and again -.-
Here’s an example of a good one..

And then a not so good one -.- Where I wasn’t sure where the last string goes to and.. ugh.


Still the first one isnt EXACTLY right.. but acceptable xD I believe this is the… 6 flower knot. Yea…
And the string isn’t red.. its a dark marroon color to match the corset better. But knowing how it looks.. I should’ve gotten a lighter color >.<

Oh well!! Almost done with it all~ More updates later!



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