White Miku — Contest Fin.

I finally… entered into the Joanns Prom Contest. I’m excited. Really.
I want to say “even if I don’t win, it’s okay” But I have thrown so much work and worry into this… I bet everyone around me has gotten sick of me talking about it.

I entered in today. It ends tomrrow xD Last minute? I know. I work best under pressure though!
It’s sad.. I wish I knew about this contest before… cause this is my first and last time I can enter in T.T I love entering contests… I just wish I always had the guts to do it.

And so I am going to continue on with my cosplay work as… it may not bring in money but I love it x3

Thanks for the support everyone~

So here’s some pictures of my Miku outfit! Not the same pictures I submitted in.. but close~



The first picture is… just a shot my sister got when the wind blew xD I thought it was cool~
Then the second pic is just a close up of the gloves.. purse.. and top beading I did. I’m very proud of it… took a VERY long time. I have to say I put more than 10 hours on this dress… Cause I know I worked on it through a couple movies… alot of Charmed shows. And when talking to friends… Then there was the few days before today that I worked on it the whole daaay.
So 10+ hours of work. +
Over $50 worth of supplies
= A Prom look complete.

Now lets see how this looks with a wig! x3


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