White Miku’s Necklace~

Soooo! I did decide to use wire sculpting for the necklace~ Annndd..
Thanks to a brilliant Genie~ He made a necklace design that looked.. so complicated.. and almost impossible to make. But I did my best~

Here’s his design..

So here’s how it all went down…

First I couldn’t figure out how to do it.. so it was just a string going through a heart xD
But then you know what… I just added in the second wire. It looks better right?


The thinner wire then went on the bottom in a swirly motion.. some more swirls! Then 3 pearls xD That took awhile actually.. the thick wire is hard to bend by hand but was bendable enough so I could bend it making it look smooth~


And then I got really fustrated and ended up finishing it xD
Lots of bending to make it fit me in the end. And added pearls in the middle of the parts by using finding wires… which.. I don’t really have a picture of…

Overall… this took a few hours.

I took out a few swirls from the design but.. I think this works for the first time I’m working with wire ^-^ It’s actually quite.. ‘fun’?
Okay it was a good experience. I think I’ll be working with them more. That’s for sure.

Overall… 5+ hours on it? T.T


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