Miku Beading.. is done!

I finally starting to put pictures up of my work because… I’m sending in the contest form tomrrow.
And I didn’t want to put it up earlier just because.. its a contest xD Why reveal all my secrets?
And I think it’s oaky to show my process now that the deadline is VERY close. So who can even try to imitate?


The first picture looks like a little man.. xD The second.. he has arms! but see? here I was pretty good with beading.. it looks.. decently symmetrical.
I did most of the beading while watching.. Charmed. Cause that’s a show I can mainly listen to while concentrate on beading xD IT was nice…


Okay now it gets more complicated right? I think its getting a more.. elegant look. I like it more than my original design (which I’ll post up a pic of at the end). Added a sparkle of blue, just enough to be seen but not to overpower it all. These beads are REALLY small.. and this was hard because I didn’t want all the thread showing in the back. I ended up using half the bottle of white beads on this. That’s.. a lot. Mostly cause its these 1 mm beads!


Small details kept being added on as I kept winging it. I seriously.. Didn’t plan any of it out. I just decided to go with the flow and keep with the same elements. I’m really glad I eneded up using the pearls as.. I love pearls. I don’t know why. I just do! So using pearls as my main piece made me happy ^-^


And that’s basically the ending design!!
I like it. I kinda wish I made it bigger but… beading takes so much out of me. I now have a high respect for the wedding gowns that are beaded. Cause beading is so.. so hard.

No more beading for me. I’m done xD I say that but I ended up putting beads on my gloves! xDD



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