Xiao Qiao Fans pt.2! Cutting ><


So it took me about 3 times to draw a decent petal to make a flower for the fans. And I know its not symmetrical! I wanted it kinda funky looking~ I think it gives it a little bit of.. character? xD
I made the same petal but smaller to make the.. well smaller flowers. Tried it out on the fan.

It took me awhile to decide what to use but I decided to use Foam as well as cardboard.
Unfortunately, all I had at the moment was foam board so I used that instead.
It’s REALLY hard to cut. But I spent 4+ hours on it anyhow.

Added some leaves.. and just cut! Yea. Lovely huh?


But it looks better ^-^
Ignore the pastel colors! I’ll be painting over it all. But that’s the gist of it. Hopefully it’ll look good in the end T.T I’m really really hoping for it because… I don’t make props very often and this is a really BIG prop of Xiao Qiao’s.

But hey. I’m just glad I can say I have 30% of the fans done? T.T;;


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