Xiao Qiao Fans pt.1

I decided to start the fans early because… it is much easier for me to finish sewing last minute than props!
I bought these fans last week. $10 each. They are basically full sized fall fans. Pretty huge. And honestly… I don’t know how it’ll look with the cosplay but.. I have faith it’ll make it look awesome xD

So here are the plain ones I got~


Decent right? Huge as you can see. Underneath is the newspaper xD It’s bigger than that for sures…

Then I got my sister to paint for me while I worked on some other stuff.
And truthfully… she didn’t do such a great job as I thought she would. It turned out pretty sloppily. But I think I cleaned it up for the most part. I’m glad she tried helping though.


As you can tell.. the lines arn’t straight. I free handed the gold stripe xD But it looks nice for the most part… the green is a little jagged but.. eh. It’s not noticeable from far away? xD

Beautiful? lol! Well I think it is for a few hours work. Yea.. I was also watching tv at the same time so… well I’m just glad I got stuff done~ AX is so close!!! I can wait!!! x3

Hope everyone else is also getting ready for it!!


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