Alice progress pt. 4!


As this is kind of a late post.. at least I’m posting!
So above is just the layout of the apron for Alice. I tried to make it as accurate as possible and also cake it so no threads show because.. I think it just looks cleaner ^-^ But the downside to it is… well you have to be a bit creative. Luckily for me that’s right up my ally~

As I started to put together the apron it started to look nicer..


Here I wore black underneath and then tried it out with the Alice top~
Just the top part.. cause I’m doing the whole bottom part separately first so it looks cleaner at the bottom!

So the pic above to the left is just a test run to see if the length and all was okay. At first I had the bottom part as a rectangle but it didn’t look so nice.. so it turned into a trapezoid shape (yes! I remember stuff from geometry xD)
I added ruffles at the bottom.. looks pretty decent right? The ruffles… always take long to do. Maybe I’m doing it a weird way, I think it’s easier for me but it does take a little bit longer than I think it should…
But then you know my Alice reference… has more ruffles and all! So I decided to add more on~

Ah the second ruffles and I still thought it wasn’t right.. and I cant make my version directly like the picture so.. I kinda improvised. Same concept though~(And I just realized I didn’t post a reference picture! I’ll do that after this x3)

And so I finished the bottom part! I kinda rushes since I had the con the next day.. so my sewing isn’t as clean. As in I was too lazy to figure out correct tension therefore there are the little ridges that you can see. Like its not completely flat (that and I haven’t ironed it completely)
And the second pic is just a test run xD Without the dress yet.

And then I added ruffles to the straps and pretty much done! But you’ll have to see the full pictures later for that~
I even hand sewed in the ruffles at the top because I didn’t want thread to show xD Yea.. that took hours -.-;; So worth it though! ^-^


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