White Miku Start! (pt.1)

Yes that’s right!

Over spring break I worked on some part of the Miku dress… but it was like the last day of spring break and I haven’t been able to put my time out to start again. I’m thinking about doing that today but… you never know >.<

So! Lemme start now~

I started out with a basic pattern, nothing with darts or anything. And relizing I’m going to put in boning I had to cut every part seperate from each other.

See? cut out my pattern from what I thought looked right. And just cut individual pieces. Though I made sure to label them cause… it’s gets really confusing with like 5 of them floating around different ways. I also cut two of each piece… yes. Two. One for each side xD


And this is how it turned out! The left picture is the front. The right is the inside. You can see the strips of extra fabric… I had to use double the steam allowance cause I’ll be putting some boning in the slits. Basically since its strapless I have to put sometihng in there to help hold the whole dress up. Think… corset. But not. xD

So! That’s all I have about done. These picture may be a bit more vauge because I am entering this into a contest… sooo … I want to document what I do but not show exactly how it’s all done? I’m no pro anyways~ So good luck to anyone who tries to copy me ^^;; It’s like weird work?


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