Look! it’s an update xD


Just a quick update. I finally posted up some more pics on the cosplay sites.
I kinda don’t want to put them here, just look around. My DA usually has most of the pictures I put up. Usually cosplay.com and acparadise I don’t want to put them all up. This is probably because DA is much easier and is a nice way to keep track of it all.

And of course this blog, in which I will put up another post later on will absolutely completed pictures. Here is a view of one of the pictures~
For the whole thing go to my DA, link on the side bar to the left!

Ah so for cosplay updates… I have..

75% done on Alice
5% done on White Miku
10% done with Xiao Qiao
And I bought Meiko fabric for my sister.

My plan is to finish up Alice first so that is out of the way. Then finish up the Miku with minimal work on Xiao Qiao. Remember mikuru from way back when that I never finished? That is still like 80% but I may finish it for the Socal gathering. Or shall I wear Alice for the gathering~?

Ah yes! The socal gathering! I will be going! Well I’m 90% sure right now unless something big comes up before I buy the ticket. Last day to buy is .. 1st f May… it’s only $10 and tickets are only sold online. I find this a great opportunity for pictures. Plus I’ve already been to the park in which it is held, very vast an nice. This will be my first year going though! So I’m not sure what to expect yet~ x3



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