Alice Cosplay Progress! pt.2

To start off my week of spring break, or aka Cosplay week, I have started on my Alice cosplay once more.

Though I’ve been doing things out of order therefore.. This is just part 2 to making the cosplay overall~
So Let me start off with the skirt~

Beautiful? I know. For the alice skirt I decided to do a circle skirt instead of a ruffled skirt. I believe a circle skirt is easier to make.. but that is because I’ve done them many many times already xD
First off folding it into a square. Not shown well in the pic but the fabric is folded over 4 times.. kinda like origami! haha~

Then cut and tried on… I can do a tutorial on circle skirts later if anyone really needs help.. or just ask ^^;;

See how it ruffles naturally and is able to go outward? That’s a good thing about a circle skirt. A bad thing? Takes up a lot of fabric and if the wind blows it flies!

Then it is attached on. In my previous post I said I wanted to do something new with the zipper. I wanted to just expand it to the skirt to make it easier to get into the dress. I didn’t know if that before so by making the skirt top part the same size as my waist.. It always got stuck trying to go on (cause of the bust area). Thus… this was of putting on the zipper relieved that problem as well as let the skirt sit nicely around my waist.

At the bottom it is a bit crooked because I was very busy at the time so it was rushed. It is not very noticeable though… yay~ haha.

And so far that is what it looks like… As you can see I did add the white part to the sleeves. A bit too thick but it is fixable to be made shorter if necessary.

The front looks weird but… eh.. the apron will cover it. Don’t worry! This is just the base of the dress… it is not suppose to look incredible yet xD But I’m hoping it does… The skirt is a bit long so that will be trimmed up to just above my knees.



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