Alice top Pt.1


Alrighty! So I have finally started my Alice cosplay as first mentioned here.

And I have started on it, just the base part in which this is. I only had a couple hours to get this far… took me a bit longer because people were distracting me online x3 I don’t mind really! It just slows the process down.
Anyhow! I started with 2.5 yds of light blue fabric. Cut out a general patter from newspaper, fit it to myself more, then cut it out. Fron and back almost identically the same. I always make it bigger than necessary because I know I will be tightening it later.


Then there’s this pic. Always in the beginning it looks like.. a potato sack xD Always! See how this looks? Reminds me of the hospital. xD

Then with some more tightening, it looks better! Really!

The back looks better, because I haven’t put the darts in the front yet. Just because … well I wasn’t wearing what I’d usually wear underneath. So gotta make sure its PERFECT. I’ll do it later ^-^ And yes the zipper is suppose to be that long. I’m testing something new with this dress, so I wanted it longer than usual.

Then I decided.. on what the heck, I’ll put on t he sleeves!

This is what happened -.- epic fail! Put it on upside down. Lame? Yes. xD I ripped it out and did it again .wooo -.-

Then the sleeves! So! That’s all I got done… it’s something right?
At least you know.. even in the mist of mideterms… I will get cosplay done ^-^
(Cause my deadline is near!!!)

So hope there is more to come at the end of this week most likely~ Maybe I can finish it? ^-^



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