Xiao Qiao Top pt.1

Alrighty! I’m going a bit slow on this project but that is because there is so many little parts it becomes quite overwhelming >.<

Yet I have managed to finish things bit by bit. So before I forget I’ll just start to update in posts.
Ah which now is the start of my cosplay work! I finally have a decent amount of fabric to work with ^-^ And Deadlines are coming up T.T

Let me start off with saying: Collect newspapers.
For me patterns don’t work unless.. I make them myself. And they arn’t specific patterns, more like… just measure and cut. Then try it on yourself! (or hopefully a manniquin..)

So that’s what I do a lot. Just cut and see what it looks like.. generally.

And I normally don’t do this next process but.. I’ll explain why.
I don’t like to waste any kind of fabric. And Muslin was made to.. be wasted. Essentially to be used as a pre pattern.

I used very old fabric as my ‘muslin’ And … it turned out pretty bad. So I knew NOT to do the real thing like that. Good thing huh? I’d reccomend doing this step for outfits that are more complex and all.

Well I just cut the basic shape and the back accoringly… this is what came out to be:

The back is on the top.
A VERY basic shape. I like to make things bigger and be able to make it smaller to fit rather than to freak out that it’s too small! Cause it’s hard to fix if it’s too small… (which is what is happening with cosplays I rush.. like the Miku one)

That’s what I have done with the top. Kinda sad? I know. I’ll be sure to do mroe during spring break! But until then.. enjoy… hunny? <3

He likes to eat up my ‘patterns’ -.-;;


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