Dye-ing testing

For Xiao Qiao I have decided to try to be as accurate as I can possibly be. That may be because I like being right on xD

So! I decided to use the oh-so-famous RIT Dye. Bought at a local Joann’s store.

It’s Rose pink. The lightest pink I could find, there was also a power kind but… I don’t like working with powder for .. anything really.

The the dye had a warning about staining plastics so I took two of the CD covers that was laying around and used that for it xD My brother doesn’t care if I turn it pink. And this was only for testing, I didn’t need a bucket. Yet.


Then the fabric. (Reminder: I am only doing this to figure out which fabric I should use for Xiao Qiao, another test will come after I buy more fabric!)
So in that pile is just scrap fabric, a good thing to always keep some scrap fabrics. There is 100% Cotton, and another thicker cotton with some synthetic material in it (less than 30% I believe) And then a long strip of 100% Synthetic material (which you are not suppose to dye at all). Then a small strip of synthetic lace.

With all that fabric I started my process by putting in 3 cups of hot water into the ‘bucket’ with 1 cap full of dye. The instructions say 3 gallons to 1/2 of bottle. I’m just testing it out. The water turned pretty red anyways.

As you can see I already have the fabric in there. After reading some tutorials and tips online it said to leave it in for a few minutes. As I did. Though as I could tell the longer I kept the bottom in (and kept taking little parts out) the bottom didn’t get darker. So.. apparently left it in there too long to begin with.

This was the best result I got, by far. 100% cotton, pretty thin material.But the one to the right..was actually the thicker cotton which I liked how the color came out of more.. And its not see through! ^^;;

Oh and another note, it’s good to wash the cloth in hot water before and afterward. Well afterward in warm water.. but by that time the water is already warm.. xD

And the overall result~ Took me… less than an hour I’m guessing? I was out in the sun T.T I think I got a reaction on my arm o.o;;

Anyhow~ I know what fabric I’m getting now. It’s just the matter of getting it!

Yay finally kicking off cosplay-time! ^-^
Hopefully I’ll be able to do a photoshoot soon!(Gotta redo Sakura T.T)


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