Making a Blue Skirt

Today I decided to experiment a but cause I had some extra fabric from my Haruhi Cosplay. 2 yards for it really is too much. I may have gotten a bit more than that too… >.<;; So this is the end result:

I didn’t want the elastic to show at first but… it looked better that way in the end xD
So basically I started off with pleats. Since I wanted to make it extra ruffly.
That in place with some pins. I didn’t measure or anything, because the end result it’s not really noticable. I just wanted an extra poof to it.

This is after sewing on the elastic. in which does get difficult because one hand I had to stretch the elastic while holding onto the fabric and the other hand I was holding the end part so my needle wouldn’t break >.<

But you know this doesn’t look so good to me xD So I decided to flip the elastic!

This is why the white part shows now. But no problem, the shirt always covers it anyways xD
And that’s it! It’s a very simple skirt to make. I made it purposly long because it has an elastic top making it easier for me to pull if to make it short or pul down to make it longer

Short to Long
It looks way cuter when it’s short but… sometimes Its nice to have my skirt long just in case its windy xDD
Or to be more conservative! Fine with me either way~
So no trick really. Just a large rectangle that I sewed to elastic!
I don’t know how it’d look with a petticoat but that may be my next side project.

Ah! And I Have started on my Xiao Qiao Cosplay! I planned out everything I have to buy so I can just go in one round to the store xD I think it’ll go out nicely. I can’t test out the pink dye until the rain lets up though >.< That may be for a few days….

And sorry this isn’t a cosplay post! But just experimenting and trying to make my skills just a wee bit better >.<;; ^^;


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