Next cosplay: Xiao Qiao

Xiao Qiao from Dynasty Warriors 6!
My official next cosplay I will be working on ^-^
I’ve been thinking of making her outfit for quite some time now… I even have to game and always play her xD
She’s just so… pink! and cute! x3

For this cosplay I will be going for accuracy, this is mainly because I haven’t seen anyone make her cosplay accurate yet >.< Though I have seen some pretty good cosplays of her regardless~

It’ll take me awhile. To finish props too! I used to be more of a Da Qiao fan but… they’re sisters anyways xD I wish I could be BOTH of them, lol!

I suppose that’s what I’ll be posting up now, the process of how I’m making her and hopefully I can keep up how much I spend too, I’m not sure exactly how much I spend on cosplay but… I’m broke now >.< So it must be alot xD

I’m debating wheather to make her main dress from some kind of cotton material or silk. I have pink dye already to make that gradient effect. Problem with that is it only work with natural materials so the polyester stuff wont work >.< And that’s what the shiny material at Joanns is… well that’s fine. I don’t like shiny fabric I guess xD

Anyways! Hopefully before I get started I can get a minniquin, that’d be SOOO much easier on me. I wont have to worry poking my eye out with the needles still in the fabric! x3

Now time to get started on it… finally getting started on my dream cosplay! ^-^


One thought on “Next cosplay: Xiao Qiao

  1. Definitely a step in the right direction. More challenging yet just as cute cosplay xD! So let’s see how this’ll come out. Though, I already know xD

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