Anime LA Day 3 Report

This was the highlight of my day. Dancing around xD Haha~
Now really… Day 3!
I wish I took pictures with other cosplayers but there wern’t many people there.
And truthfully It kinda sucked for me because there were so many Miku’s there It became like Vampire knight!
Luckily I had my wonderful Miku Zatsune (Dark Miku) which is Kasuki~ She made us stand out since no one else there was a dark Miku.
ALA 10ALA 10

The photo shoot was quite fun. Since we are basically dest friends it was easy to interact and take pcis together.
What did we learn today? That I can’t be serious all the time and Kasuki’s good at it xD Haha it worked out for the better~

What’s even better is that we spent hours just taking pics and ate once I believe…
Also we made a story!
But that’s for another post~ You’ll have to look out for that ^-^

I’m also keeping an eye out for a better picture hosting site, maybe flicker… I’m not sure yet. For now I’ll keep using photobucket~

Also! after today I”ll be taking a week or so off from cosplays to focus on work and home stuff. I may.. may… be able to sketch out ideas for AX in the meantime if I have time but that may be it. Though after that I’ll start to post up possible cosplay ideas for.. I suppose voting or sometihng like that?
I also go back to school soon (2 weeks?) and then I’ll be busier but I still want a photoshoot of Mikuru done, so gotta start to plan that out!

Ah also here are some awesome cosplayers Erukii got photos of, unfortantly time was short and the photoshoot went longer than expected. So I didn’t get any pics with other cosplayers! Rawr.

ALA 10
ALA 10ALA 10
ALA 10ALA 10
ALA 10ALA 10
So that’s it~ Wait for more ^-^



2 thoughts on “Anime LA Day 3 Report

  1. That dance…was the highlight of my day too >.>; Afterword too! But…more cosplay has yet to arrive. Remember, you’re still new at this xD

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