Sakura – paint day~

Today was basically a paint day for me. Since it’s the last day of my sis’s break, and she had a lot of time.
And she likes to paint. Why not take advantage of it? I don’t have the time xD
But it was fun painting! hehe. I didn’t get sick of it. Well maybe the smell.. >.< Anyways!

I started off with my black shoe. I want to buy another pair so wh not just paint over my old one? I can’t find good white heels.. I’ll make them!!


How the black shoe looks before.
Then my sister started to paint it. This is just regular arcylic paint I got from joanns. On sale for like $1. It smells like paint but not as strong as actual paint. I just used sponge brushes and they work just fine. Unfortunately the paint doesn’t coat it all white so me and my sis had to reapply about 5 more coats to make it pure white with no black being able to be seen.
This took awhile, but it was fun xD
Kinda messy. And took alot of paint!


Our work space. As you can see the shoes got whiter as time passed and we let the paint dry before reapplying more. I don’t know how well the paint will last as I wear it but I’ll have to see huh?
My sis also painted the green wreath pink. As well as the two stars yellow~


Basically a before and after pic xD minus the small star in the middle of the right pic. But you get what I mean xD;;
The small star is for my choker.


In the end what I was most proud of was my shoes! They became actually white. Like… they look like they were meant to be white ^-^
So instead of frantically looking around stores for white shoes I just made them. lol~


Today I also worked a bit on sewing. Not much though. Just did the top part of my shirt to … I guess to look smoother. Put some whickey tape on it so the flaps of fabric will stick and stay down when I’m putting it on. That’s about it. Just to make the whole thing look cleaner.
Also .. finally.. ironed out everything. So now I have to hang it up so it doesn’t wrinkle >.<
I hate it when cosplays wrinkles.


3 thoughts on “Sakura – paint day~

  1. lol right on. Your shoes look like they’re brand new store bought. And I like the black inside xD Pretty cool. It’s all gonna come together soon! x3

  2. Love the originality of painting the shoes. You can do so much with a bit of imagination. I’ve collected old cooker trays and wheel hubs, and painted them, to give some new quality to old functional and disused equipment. Greatly admired,though I have given too many away. Still, a justification to paint more, perhaps. I’m back on the postcards at the moment. You can do wonderful things with a spread of acrylic paint, and then sending them off to friends. Also fingerprints on canvas.

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