DN Archer Outfit Progress! –Blue top

March 26, 2014 § Leave a comment

It’s been awhile hasn’t it? I think it’s about time I went back to showing progress pictures and how I do some of my outfits :D Back in January I half debuted an Archer cosplay from the game Dragon Nest! Still alterations to be made but that doesn’t mean I can’t share the progress I did~ So first off here’s a reference picture!

Now the black dress underneath was quite simple. Just a normal sweetheart fitted top with some boning on the sides so it’ll keep shape and stay up. Then I took about… 3 circle skirts, sewed them together to make one huge line of circle skirt and attached that on! To create a more distinguished “poof” I decided to add horsehair on the edge and that made walking around SUPER fun! (like every step the skirt would jump up and little in response xD) So this skirt I didn’t need to have a petticoat underneath but I think I would want one if I decide to have it bouncier xP

Archer PRogress 1Back to making my own patterns! Always a lot of trial and error with this process and I’m sad that I didn’t have more time with it. But I think it turned out well… I just tried to picture the top as a cross between a vest and a halter top.

Archer PRogress 2This was the fun part =3 I got satin ribbon but it was really shiny… I didn’t like that. So I attached it… was not happy still… so I painted it the same color as my bow! It turned out pretty well as the paint hardened (regular acrylic paint) so not only did I have a nice matte color but it also hardened into place so it wouldn’t move. Worked out better than expected~ You can see the fit wasn’t right so there is an unironed seam in the middle of the front sides. (please make sure to iron seams!) Afterwards I just got bias tape from the store and sewed that on! (I’ve been so lazy to make my own bias tape…)

Do you see a slight flip in front on the right picture? That’s with interfacing!  Unfortunately that was with medium interfacing and that part needed a heavier kind or to double up on medium. Make sure to use the right kind and amount of interfacing with projects!

Archer PRogress3


paint paint paint! In hindsight I would’ve used regular white paint but I used fabric paint. … doesn’t have much of a difference to it in this case xD I always love free handing the designs but I think at one point is was off… in which case I would recommend putting some markings to make sure its even xD

More updates on the bow I made to match it! And the interesting way of doing a lace-up boot from fabric!




Anime LA 2014 days~

January 13, 2014 § 3 Comments

ALA was SUPER fun this year =3 I mean like… it was one of the best I’ve had. But I guess that just shows how well it’s been growing through the years :]
 photo DSC_0127_zpsaae40e13.jpg

So I’ll start this post off with a good old fashion picture of myself xD I brought back out my Arch Bishop from Ragnarok Online! It’s the same cosplay on the back of my business card so I thought I would make it my official go-to table outfit~ It’s pretty comfy too! I got ALOT more ribbons this year! This picture was taken sometime on the 2nd day so it doesn’t show all my ribbons :[ But I ended up getting another Hall Cosplay Award Ribbon! (It's okay to get more than one right? It was for 2 different cosplays anyways... xD) And also a "Beater" ribbon for my participation in a quidditch squad xP Anyways. Let me continue xD

We thought since we both had weapons... why not fight?! Unfortunately... my bow wasn't in working status sooo (I lost that fight...) But honestly... how was I gonna beat a Kirito!?

 photo DSC_0227_zps64786bcc.jpg

I also debuted my Archer cosplay from Dragon Nest! Although the sad part? The pictures of my archer cosplay was taken on the 3rd day when I didn't have all the pieces T.T So I'm missing my boots and arm warmers in the pictures.... But I figured I'd share the pictures anyways xD

 photo DSC_0203_zpsc652b099.jpg

The one decent picture! I'm still sad about the arm warmers... :/ I'm having pretty much most of the cosplay re-done before my next convention pops up! Oh and then I also have a nice close-up of ragnarok (and another on my facebook page  if you haven't seen that yet :])

 photo DSC_0145_zps17b242c8.jpg

It’s funny cause Hermsi (who is the photographer is ALL these pictures) was actually being a creeper behind a curtain and the shot turned out nice…. who knew. But he hated taking pictures at that location, the lighting was terrible xD

Anyways! I met some really cool new people and said hi to some friends here and there~ A lot of really cool cosplays too! I was quite impressed. So first off is the Lizbeth of our group~ I love this picture cause we look straight while the background looks like it’s slanted… weird huh?

 photo DSC_0179_zps3d135608.jpg

We made friends with other artists which was so adorable! They make cute little hats which are to die for xP She also ended up buying a bow which she is wearing~ (You can tell my the pink that doesn’t completely match her outfit xD But it’s so adorable)

 photo DSC_0172_zps5bb0a970.jpg

Okay now here’s something I envy SO much! This cosplayer was amazing~ It’s mainly on how she made this cosplay. I love the creativity in it as she actually used patterened fabric or lace to enhance the look of the cosplay versus just having flat colors and fabric. I thought it looked really nice so I just had to get a picture with her =3 (btw you’ll also see in the next post why I loved this cosplay!)

 photo DSC_0167_zps2158eea0.jpg

The name of the cosplay escapes me but…. it looked really nice in person. It was also funny cause we both saw each other and spazzed xDD So she got a picture of me while I got a picture of her and it was so fun xD

 photo DSC_0149_zps54808790.jpg

You know what’s also fun? When my hair catches the wind and I look this a cover girl xDDDDD

 photo DSC_0152_zps172ab7f6.jpg

Okay I think anymore pictures and it’s gonna be hard to load my page xD So I’ll continue with text and links~

I found my friend Tarei who was so adorable~ (and short!! XD)
A Tetra cosplayer who Hermsi spazzed over… She looks really nice though!
How could I not take a picture of a Dynasty Warriors group?!
Pokemon trainer cosplayers! Ah… I just had to take a picture~ I love seeing kids get into cosplaying
And um… me failing on pretending to blend in with the mannequins…

Alright that’s the extent of my 3 days. I love having a table at ALA to get to talk to the other artists especially our partner Tirramisu who continues to provide awesome company :] I also apologize for the possible terrible photoshop T.T Alot of the pictures were just taken in bad light and I blame it on being indoors and florescent lighting.

Already looking forward to next year! You know where my updates are~ Facebook : Twitter


ALA 14′ Lineup! (9 days!!)

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Hello everyone!!! (slightly caffeinated still… bear with me) …

Anime Los Angeles is coming up in about 9 days~ I’m super excited but I’m also (more so than other years) very unprepared so far… I was actually debating on not finishing my Dragon Nest Archer Cosplay but… a few days passed and I don’t think I would be proud of myself if I put it off for another convention. So I decided to suck it up and just try my best, even if I have to makeshift some parts. So I’ve been working frantically in between posting, taxes, and family ordeals. It’s been quite difficult but then again… once I finish it all it’ll definitely be worth it~

Alright so here’s this year’s line up! It’s a 3 day con so I think 2 costumes plus manning a table is plenty for my plate xD

ala 2014 lineup

So the Dragon Nest Archer is gonna be awesome but also quite chilly to be in xD And no. I don’t think I can produce that much cleavage… xDD Well… I could but I tried it and I don’t like it… >.< It’s not very …me. And Asuna with a slight re-make from Anime Expo! I’m thinking…

Friday: DN Archer
Saturday: Asuna Arch Bishop
Sunday: DN Archer

So as I’ve mentioned, I have a table this year in the artist alley! They finally gave us our spots so I’m located in 6a (right next to 6b which happens to be the awesome Tirramisu who was our table buddy last year~) So it’s going to be really awesome just with that =3 Anyways…. here’s a map!

ALA Table SeatingSee the entrance? Yea just walk straight and look to your left xP Come say hi to us!! I might not have a lot in stock but… I’ll try ^^;; Looks like a lot more bows/pouches versus ears like years before… and hopefully in the next years I’ll get some fashion items and more cosplay accessories!!

Alright… time to cut it short here xD Back to working… which oddly enough hasn’t felt sweat-shop-like lately o.o


PS HAPPY NEW YEAR! I’m taking the year day by day and just making sure I am happy and productive each day =3 (minus my vacation days xP)

Good Bye 2013~

December 31, 2013 § 1 Comment



Another cosplay year has gone by… and once again the collages come up to see what a whole year’s work looks like!

*waits… waits more*

Ahhhh I’m so embarrassed >.< I barely did any sewing work this year and I’ve felt it this whole year. It’s been hard though…  a lot of real life stuff pops up and makes my sewing skills rusty (at one point I forgot what my serger dials did…and what way on the sewing machine made the thread loop longer) So I admit putting together this compile was difficult… but I was glad to see that I had some something. xD

Oh! Did anyone notice I finally put together a cosplay timeline and a portfolio on the sidebar? It’s pretty much done too! The timeline was particularly hard to put together especially since I try to remember stuff from 5 years ago >.<;;

So yes. I’m particularly proud of certain works this year. Primarily Asuna & Kirito! I really love the skirts I made for fun as they started to open another path for me… and the bow you see there (unfinished though) is the first prop I’m fully making by myself ^^ The Jedi costume was a commission that turned out quite awesome for my friend and Mikoto was a great cosplay that led me to see another side of cons and booths! So I didn’t do such big projects like some of my other friends but… I did a lot this year. and I’m proud of it all~

I have big plans for 2014.. I can’t wait to take everyday by surprise!

So good-bye 2013, you won’t be missed — but you’ll be remembered


An LA Fashion District Trip

November 26, 2013 § 1 Comment

For being a Californian Cosplayer… I haven’t made my way to the LA Fashion District where fabric is just sprawling from stores. Fabric… zippers, trims, elastic, all the lovely things for any kind of sewing project! Main reason why I haven’t gone till now is primarily because I was satisfied with Joanns fabrics. Don’t get me wrong, I still do like them but…. I needed more. I needed different! With very little convincing I was able to schedule a basically last minute trip with my friends but that led me to only 2 hours before closing time for most of the stores. I was rushed.

Advice: Go early. It’s not THAT big of a place to scour but if your anything like a fabric enthusiastic as me… you’ll need the time!
(Plus my head went wild with ideas looking at all the fabric!!)

 photo LAtripfriends_zps687bad94.jpg

My friends just admiring how soft all the fur is! Literally And then I decided to take a picture and this is how they change.. xD It’s cute~ Also ignore my eye-bags, was on major stress the past week!

Advice: Wear comfy shoes! I traded in my normal heels for flats! Glad I did too :]

We started off around Michael Lavine’s and went around from there. (It’s the bluest consecutive building on Maple Street right after Olympic!)   And then proceeded to go around to LA Alex, LA Lady, A lot of crystal, button shops, and all the little stores I don’t remember the names of! I made sure to keep around a certain blocks I knew where the stores I would need to be around.

 photo overviewmap_zpsc05c9082.jpg

This is my slightly ghetto map… courtesy of google maps xD And.. some my own snippet work!

So after a good 2 hours… I didn’t get all that I needed to but I learned a lot! But what did I get?

 photo DSCN3601_zpsc37768a1.jpg

Well this is my full loot. Yet it includes some leftovers from dinner at Komodo and some starbucks.. tea. It was a White and oolong tea mix for the holidays! A little too bitter for my tastes at first but it was nice. Other than that I got about 17 buttons. A whole ROLL of elastic!! <3 (seriously happy about that) And also 6 yards of fabric for $2 per yard! And its basically suiting material so it’s thick and has a nice texture =3 But that’s it.

I can’t wait to go back! I also suggest not buying from Michael Lavine’s unless you see something you really like. Why? The prices are… pretty normal. It isn’t cheap that’s for sure. You can find a deal elsewhere but it might not be elsewhere :/ Ah the decisions. Hopefully when I go again I can take pictures of the store fronts and what not. When I was prepping for this trip I was sad that I couldn’t find any good guides… hopefully I can make one! Especially geared towards cosplayers :]


Hipster Days

November 19, 2013 § Leave a comment

 photo AutoColor_zpsfc75e2c5.jpg

Hi my little ones!

I haven’t updated in awhile… it’s been hectic for me though. A few weeks ago we went to Comikaze which was quite an experience. I saw some cool people (including Charmed’s Phoebe!! She looks so pretty @.@) and then also caught up a little with my old booth boss who still calls me Trouble xD

I normally don’t go to comic cons but we wanted to check them out… see the scene and difference! It was… quite something. I wouldn’t mind going to a few each year. But my normal anime and gaming cosplays would be a little out of place… so we tried to do something quick yet would fit the theme! So we decided on this =3 hipster X-men! So I’m psylocke. Herms in the middle is Cyclopes. And Heather on the right is Rouge~ We did get a few comments and I did get a few “Casual Psylocke!” so at least we were recognized!

The reason I haven’t updated is because I’ve had a lot of test prepping and I’m still working on my kickstarter! Although I do update my twitter and facebook a lot more often if you’d like to keep up to date with me :D

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Kimikotan
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KimikotanCosplay

I do have a lot of in progress pictures around the place but I’m waiting until I have the full beginning to the end before posting on here! But I’m hoping you’d be excited to know that I’m dishing out a lot of money (I’ll probably live off of ramen and in-n-out) to be able to go to more cons and travel around! I’m hoping it’ll let me see the other cons. I figured… I can’t just keep sitting around and waiting for something big to happen. I’ll do what I can and I’ll take these risks! If I don’t.. well I feel as though I’ll regret it.

Oh and as a little update… I did get my finalized business cards in! :3 They look awesome and I’m so happy =3 I’m working on a subsidiary brand, hopefully I’ll see it live to its fullest potential one day =3


Almost new cards

October 6, 2013 § Leave a comment

 photo DSCN3459_zpsd646134f.jpg

I’ve needed an update with cosplay/store cards so Herms helped me out with my design! I always have something in my mind and I try to do it then Herms comes along and just makes it come to life =3 So the picture on the back is actually glossy and is from the ragnarok shoot in which Herms was actually the photographer for as well~ He was also the one that made my new logo of the butterfly which I absolutely love!! It’s a lot more elegant that the bow that I had before and I think reflects what I want my company to look like as well as myself. Just.. elegant and simple. I’ve also had a fascination with butterflies so it hold really close to who I am.

Normally with butterflies they symbolize metamorphism and turning from something small and simple into something beautiful that can fly free. Although I do like that being linked to a butterfly I just always loved the colors in butterflies and how elegant they always seem. It’s the one insect I am not afraid and find myself lingering towards therefore… butterflies! (And really.. I don’t like bugs at all T.T)

So these are the new cards. You can see the facebook symbol is cut off… and the corners are actually not even -.- It’s quite annoying and I already contacted the printing company about it. They prided themselves on perfection and what not but I am not happy with the cards and am still trying my best to find a trustworthy card manufacturer that I can constantly go back to.  Really loving the new look of my brand, can’t wait to feature it even more!

(with that note…. I was thinking of changing the name from kimikotan but… I’ve invested SO much into it that I feel bad about doing so… yet I made the name when I was really invested into the Japanese culture in which I’m not completely anymore… ah who knows. I’ll think about it)



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